The Benefits of Purging

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Old FridgeMy children always have a wonderful way of making me face things that I deliberately avoid! Today, it came in the form of my daughter who approached me about a question regarding our refrigerator.  As I was preparing for a warm and relaxing midday bath, I hear Abby loudly from the kitchen, “Mom, can you help me get this shelf out of the fridge?” I was not sure why she was asking me this question so I went to find out why she needed the shelf removed.  Well, my very helpful daughter that was helping me put groceries away earlier decided that the fridge really needed to be overhauled.  This was not news to me, as I tend to avoid the “nasty” duties of being a homemaker.

While I am leery to tell you what happened, I am going to, and hopefully, I can provide some humor!  Abby said, “Oh my goodness, Mom!!!!  You wouldn’t believe the sour cream that I found in here!” I said, “Oh, I am sure I would.” She continued by telling me how that sour cream was at least four different shades of green.  Being a homeschooling mom, I immediately referred to this day as Science and we logged our time in our book while we discussed mold! Every moment is teachable, moms!!!  Well, Abby continued to pull out one Tupperware bowl after another, after another, after another! I quickly reverted to sarcasm and said, “I think maybe I need to have a Tupperware party, as I definitely don’t have enough bowls here!” As Abby told me how she almost threw up looking at that sour cream, I with tears in my eyes, reaching for the Vick’s Vapor Rub to put under my nose to keep  from smelling the death that was wafting from the garbage disposal, just smiled and nodded!  It is so funny now, but it has me thinking!

How much junk and rotten things do we have in our lives? I mean, we are faced with junk every single day. It could be from a gossipy neighbor, girlfriend or co-worker, or possibly in the tv shows that we allow into our homes as entertainment, what about the books that we read or allow our children to read, the friends we keep, the activities in which we are involved.  All of these things should be reviewed daily, weekly, even monthly! It has been about two years now that my husband and I cleaned our DVR of shows that we just simply couldn’t justify any longer!  I will not name those shows because this isn’t a conviction post, it is just an encouragement to really just sit and re-evaluate what you’re allowing into your life (fridge), because whether we think so or not, it will always rot!

Don’t get me wrong, there are some things worth saving! I love eating left over soup, but if I don’t get to it after a week, it starts to go bad, much in the same way as a relationship problem.  Sometimes, it is best to pray about a situation before discussing it with someone, it’s kind of like putting it away in a spiritual Tupperware bowl, but if you don’t address it, Satan will allow the mold and rot to set in and eventually it will spoil the friendship! Tend to it immediately, friends! It’s important to preserve relationships, as well as purge the ones that are rotting your lives!


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